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A little bit about me. I love performing. I love storytelling. I love connecting to the human spirit through the vessel of a character. I cherish the instant symbiotic relationship I have with a live audience (or a camera in some cases!). My work as an actor constantly reaffirms my belief that we are all one. We all feel the same. It’s only the filter of past experience and expression that is unique, and every character holds limitless possibilities. This passion developed very early in my life. I grew up in a small town outside Baltimore, Maryland to a family full of athletes. Growing up around sports truly shaped the way I approach my work as an actor, with an athlete’s focus, determination, and passion. You could say I have the heart of a competitor, and the soul of an artist. During my first acting class at Hofstra University, my professor said to us, “You are an athlete of your emotions.” YES. That is exactly how I want to define my work.


As much as I love the thrill of performing, I love the community that supports the performance just as much. No other industry brings together people of all different backgrounds and talents to achieve a common goal the way theatre or film do. That sense of community inspires me, and has lead me down other paths such as producing, teaching, and choreography. Fostering the next generation of artists is a responsibility I take very seriously and hold very dear to my heart, and has lead me towards a secondary career as a teaching artist.

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